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Mar 24

How Can We Leverage Existing Resources for Discovery and Validation of Markers for Early Cancer Detection?

Despite the large investment in biomarker discovery and validation, few major early detection cancer biomarkers have been approved for clinical use over the last 25 years. In addition, many initially promising biomarkers have not been validated.  One issue is that biomarker discovery and validation has typically occurred in studies that were initially designed with different …

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Oct 31

A New Resource for Researching the Epidemiology and Genomics of Cancer: CGEN

The Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program (EGRP) at the National Cancer Institute recently launched the Cancer Genomics and Epidemiology Navigator (CGEN), an online resource for the research community. The purpose of CGEN is to assist cancer researchers in navigating existing resources and integrating available information from NCI-funded research projects, publications, and evidenced-based guidelines, and linking …

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Mar 20

Share and Share Alike: How You Too Could Benefit from NCI Data Sharing Resources

The past decade has seen a virtual explosion in the generation and analysis of genomic data. Due in part to NIH data sharing policies, much of this information is available through controlled access databases. There are a growing number of key scientific findings stemming from this shared data, but we are only at the tip …

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Mar 29

Leveraging Existing Biospecimen Resources to Advance Cancer Epidemiology Research

Genetic and environmental risk factors contribute to the occurrence of most common cancers (1).  Moreover, these relationships with cancer risk are complicated by the fact that the spectrum of risk factors may depend on the specific cancer subtype.  For example, different genetic loci are associated with risk of specific breast cancer subtypes (2­).  Beyond genetic …

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